Allday Golden Retrievers began over 20 years ago after the loss of our family dog Dutchess, who was a Cocker Spaniel. I read about goldens being a family dog. Being a little wild in spirit, I had originally wanted an Alaskan Malamute with maybe a touch of wolf. However, having my first child on the way, it dind't take much research to find out that wasn't the best dog for a beginning family. Shortly I ran across an article about Golden Retrievers that more fit my family's situation. It was one of those moments where a decision would change your life. Mickey was the name of my first Golden Retriever and I dind't even have his hips certified for dysplasia until he was eight years old. His hips came back "Excellent" and he could still jump into my Chevy Silveraldo (with tailgate still up)at the humble age of eight years old. He lived to ten years of age (the average age for a Golden) and he changed my life forever.

Mickey - The Patriarch of Allday Golden Retrievers

Ruby (& Morris the Cat) - One of Mickey's First two Concubines

Taffy (& Morris the Cat) - One of Mickey's First two Concubines

Next to be added to the Allday family was Jordie and her two daughters Sophie and Lucy. They were California girls. Jordie's father was AKC Champion Westmont's Legend of the California AKC tournements. Quite a few Westmont Golden Champions were features in the Glossy Golden Retriever Club of America magazine's over the years.

Jordie - The daugher of AKC Champion Westmont's Legend (from California)

Sophie - The grandaugher of AKC Champion Westmont's Legend (from California)

Lucy (& Morris the Cat) - The grandaugher of AKC Champion Westmont's Legend (from California)

As my Sire Mickey began to age, I researched and found my Sunny. Sunny lived 14 years and I am grateful for his friendship and companionship over the years. Sunny traveled across multiple state lines on his trip to Alabama. He had Topbrass lineage. All four ouf his grandparents had AKC titles, Senior Hunters, Master Hunters, Companion, Utility titles. Some had multiple AKC titles. He had a soft mouth which means he would carry things in it without the desire to chew them up. Also, if a bird flew over, he was always the first to spot it. I did not hunt with Sunny, but he would have made a fantastic bird dog.

My ol' Buddy Sunny - Excellent Pedigreed Companion

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Sampson - The Son of Sunny and Taffy

Aubie - The Sweet Daughter of Mickey

Allday's Sweet Bess

My current sire - Solomon

My son with our first Golden Mickey, and Mickey's 1st (of 2) Girlfriend Ruby

The Construction of the Allday Birthing Kennel with Tiled Walls and Floors

Bo Callaway of Callaway Gardens and his Wife - The Pup was for Her

It was great of Pat Simpson (HGTV)to come by the kids School Library & Promote Reading

Daisy, Lori, Lucy & Sophie in my Allday Truck


Aubie Camping Trip

Aubie Camping Trip (Tent Camping)

Daughter and Pup

Sunny's Father Shootside

Daughter & Friend with Pups

Trip to St. Louis, Missouri - Horse and Buggy

Chase & Catch the Ball

Sunny Leading the Pack

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