I offer stud services. The fee is $100 a puppy and a bag of dog food. Your female will stay with me for upwards of a week after you drop her off. A $500 deposit is due when you drop her off and the balance is to be paid when the puppies arrive. Example: If your female has 10 puppies, the up front fee is $500 and a bag of dogfood. The balance will be another $500 for a total of $1,000. If your female only has 8 puppies then the balance would be $300. If she has no puppies, then we return half of the deposit to you and keep $250, which is roughly $50 a day to board her.

Loren has some puppy and dog training services that she offers. All of this training is post-puppy pickup, not before. We will give out handouts at time of pick up about the types and prices of training offered. Prior to puppy pick up, we work with the puppies, giving them human contact and affection.

We will board your puppy or puppy or dog also. Our fees for this service are a bag of dog food per week and $50 a day for the boarding. Your dog will receive contact with us as if he or she were a family member of our own during the time. You must let us know in advance if your dog has any perculiar ailments, personalities, or if he or she is not house trained.

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